UPDATE DEC 2013: Looking for the BOOKED restaurants for Disney World, 21 - 26 June 2014 inclusive? Here they are!

UPDATE UPDATE FEB 2014: And they are all included in the new Schedule Page

Orlando is full of restaurants, cafes, fast food: again anything you'd like for any budget.

Disney frequently offer free dining packages when purchasing an accommodation/ticket package - which pressures many to eat on site. This can be a worthwhile deal, and with over 200 dining options at WDW it can be an easy way to go.  This certainly has been the case for me.

Blogging has turned your average joe into a food critic and it is becoming common place to take photographs of food - however this has always happened at Disney - even at their top restaurant I was advised to "get your camera out for this dish". So where I felt 1) the story was worthwhile; and 2) photography was OK, the following posts appeared.

Due to the massive volume of visitors and the uniqueness of many restaurants, it is vital to book 6 months in advance. Yes: 6 months! This way you will guarantee a desired booking and enjoy the events you really desire. I have coded the places for which a 6 month advance booking is the only way to score a table.


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