Friday, 2 September 2011

Manatee mingling

You're probably all wondering when is the strange woman gonna shut up about freakin' theme parks! Even when promised something other than Disney in Orlando - it was just another theme park - AAARRGGHHH!!

Dick's house must be AWESOME!!!

Perhaps you are more the 'back to nature' type and would be interested to know that Central Florida is predominately swamp with really cool wildlife and gators!

So for the nature lovers out there I'll checking out the 'snorkling with manatees' option.

 I had to choose this video to share - it is full of the AWESOME that I imagine would be at Dick's house!
It even has a tree hugging hippy song at the end!

If you held onto your lunch and made through the song you will have noted the couple of mermaid references. Yes - the Florida manatee legend has it that in times of yore seafarers would confuse manatees for mermaids. Hmmmmm.......





I suppose if you've been at sea for long enough ...............

Anyway you'll be sad to discover that I am not going snorkling with Bob of video fame. Somehow his sales pitch just didn't win me over.  Instead I'll be swimming with Capt. Stacy from Manatees in Paradise

The epicentre of manatee tourism is Crystal River, which is approx 2 hours drive, in a very fast car, from WDW on the west coast  of Florida - Gulf of Mexico territory - but Crystal River is in a large natural spring area, and with apparently little damage from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

There are a huge number of manatee tours operating out of central florida and down the Gulf coast. Just google and find the one that suits your purposes and wallet.

UPDATE: Sept 2011: I just found this awesomeness from The Family Guy:

You will not find this character at Disney

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