Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Get your kicks on Route 4

Americans invented driving around in your car - zooming around on expressways - there is soooo much car culture out there it would be absurd for me to go there.

Post WWII with the rise of the middle class, with the mass purchase of cars, came the birth of the legendary USA expressway, 6 lanes wide, clover leaf exits and long, monotonous, flat, straight lines. Much like my writing style.

Many people write to me and say "But Mrs. Banks, the freeways are SOOOOO intimidating! And they drive on the opposite side of the road! How do you cope?!"

Answer: I was trained on the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

The best teacher (source:
Fortunately for you, gentle question asker, Uncle Walt was there - in his kindly, educational way - reminding us all how to share the road in The Art of Driving on the Super Highway

When I drive in Orlando, I always rent a GPS and let the woman tell me where to go (so to speak). I don't have to think, read maps and I always get to my destination. I have no idea if, like a taxi driver, she has taken me the long way.

In the US you can get those GPS units that have the famous people's voices giving the instructions.

Get this one before Mitt Romney makes Bert and Ernie history

 You can get 120 + different voices:


Just don't get the Backseat Driver voice.

"get left, left, left, left, LEFT LEFT - There's the exit, the EXIT, THE EXIT - you missed it! you missed the exit. Now what do we do ??......."


Before I go here is an example from my 2011 of Orlando driving. Have a quick look and then imagine this continously for 2 hours.

Now that we know how to drive on the expressway, and we have a GPS tool, we are gonna need a hire car. Join me next time as I reveal the secret to USA hire cars that could save you hundreds of dollars! kaching!

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