Friday, 25 January 2013


When we last left our hero, she was trudging across acres of marble tiling looking for a corner in which to have a nice cup of tea and sit down. And maybe a biscuit.

Come 2014 I'll be trading in that cup of tea for a Kungaloosh!
Disney's eponymous cocktail (source:

So when the business is done down in the Marriott World Centre Convention Centre, it is time to head up to the pointy bit for the relaxation.

So you could go to the Mangrove Emporium food court .....

premade sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs, pizza and soft drinks, coffee and muffins
..... but I am not sure why you would.

So let's go upstairs and check out the High Velocity Sports Bar

(source: marriott world centre. Unfortunately, the "in" crowd was not there the same day as I)

Filled with 28 large screen TVs at full volume, it is a place where too much sport is barely enough!

Every booth has a little personal TV. In case you want to watch the PBS Newshour. HA HA  - no just joking - MORE SPORT ONLY!
I have no beef with sports broadcasting.  I feel very sorry for televised sports fans as they all must be profoundly deaf.

Moving around the corner, is the main game (to not quite abandon sporting metaphors) - Solaris Cafe

I can see this place getting a work-out. Open for three meals a day, casual seating, large enough bookings aren't a problem. Here there will be little groups of Zontians breakfasting, lunching, coffeeing and everything else that Zontians do.

Traditional and extensive breakfast buffet up the back. Those doors on the left are to a private dining area for your large parties.
And one of those things that Zontians do, is enjoy a preprandial libation. And Solaris can help out there with the Solaris Bar

Up there in the back - where I haven't used my zoom.
If you prefer to lounge about, you could go to the Lobby Lounge bar:

Hawks Landing Golf Club Bar:

If you like the volcano heat, you could go out on The Veranda:

(Source: marriott world centre - I do not move in the circles with the beautiful peoples)

And if that isn't enough, they are currently constructing new pool surrounds which will include a pool side cafe and bar

will be re-opened in time for your morning 25 laps.
 And so the next morning, when you are nursing your hang-over and need a kick start: their own in-house Starbucks

You'll have to work really hard to go thirsty.

So gentle reader, with whom will be having your first chat and a drink?

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