Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Zonta International 2014 Convention Schedule Posted!

The excitement is building!

The Convention Committee have released the Convention Schedule for Thursday 26 June to Tuesday 1 July.

Only half a day. The suspense! Ohh ... I wonder what will happen in the afternoons??

So what are the big highlights?

Friday 27 June:
  • Love a good Open Forum - get your off the record and crazy rant questions ready!
  • Opening Ceremony - The most fabulous party ever! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the ladies wearing their national costume. I'm keeping it a surprise but us Aussies have FINALLY worked out a national costume!! 
I'm not saying anything
Saturday, 28 June

  • Business By Laws - I know at my upcoming District Conference we are voting on motions for this Convention!
Sunday, 29 June
  • I think I may have some free time .... I won't be the voting delegate, neither am I standing for ZI office. Perhaps I am having coffee with you - my Polish Reader?
 Monday, 30 June
  • Workshops - can this be real???*
 Tuesday, 1 July
  • Closing Ceremony - a glorious big glam formal dinner where we all get to have our final chat and final drink with each other.
I'm still waiting to see the offered day trips - I wonder what they'll offer? And then we can organise our Mrs. Banks Special Unique Day Trip deals!

*Warning - I have a ranty post coming up next about workshops at Convention. Grrrrr

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