Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Heats on your Feets in Orlando 2014

This is me

This week, in Australia, summer turned up the dial all the way to 11. And it will last another week!

It was 40 degrees C or 104F here in Canberra today - and forecast for tomorrow - and all weekend
Perfect weather to be in training for conditions in Orlando!!

I doubt it will be quite so scorching - maybe only 35C (95F) but I have the chance to work out my clothing (cotton voile / shorts / sun protection) and especially shoes.

You will need extra comfortable walking sandals. You will be WAY too hot in socks and sneakers.

Keen have been my footware of choice for many years.

They have a running shoe sole for comfort and a waterproof upper. For multiple rides on Kali River Rapids. That's one way to keep cool!

watch out for giant waterfall. (source:
Many people also swear by Skechers Go Walk (although I have never tried them and don't know if they are waterproof)

better than Crocs
Whatever you choose for your feets, remember something that is not going to make you sweaty and stinky, not going to give you blisters, stays supportive after hours of walking on hot concrete, and can tolerate a bit of water from your day at Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Don't burn your feets on the scorcing concrete paths! (source:
And it is not just the heat that makes the concrete painful for your tootsies - the pathways are covered in sand - making them abrasive! Hot and abrasive! sounds like me in the office - but I don't want that for my holiday.

Although of course, you could just join me in an air conditioned bar.

We covered some aspects of dealing with the heat back in winter - when I was wistfully remembering temperatures such as today's!  Go now and re-read that post to kick start your wardrobe planning for Convention.

p.s. go check out Sierra Trading Post for deep discounts on those Keen sandals and other tough footware.

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