Sunday, 26 June 2011

Epic Room Round Up

So it's time to bring this room review baby home.

I think you've got the message that when you stay at a Disney hotel you can have the fully immersive experience and stay in room unlike any other. And of course, you realised that Disney wasn't going to just leave it alone with Pirates - didn't you?

So let's wrap up accommodations for now with an Epic Room Roundup!

Disney have jumped into this room theming idea with both feet and here's a quick look at the whole lot:

Royal 'Princess' rooms at the Port Orleans Resort
Wellbeing rooms at the Contemporary Resort:

With sustainable bamboo flooring, 100% cotton linen, rainwater showerheads and your personal use cardio equipment. Yoga classes will be available in the Wellness Studio
A Haunted Mansion Room, (this is another example of Disney turning an attraction into a movie):

Apparently the bathroom is secretly hidden behind the bookcase!
If you happen to be going to Disneyland, Anaheim, you can stay in the Mickey Mouse room:

The Fairytale Suite:
The Adventureland Suite:
and my favourite: The Big Thunder Mountain Railway Suite (I wonder if there is a movie in planning?)
Apparently the door bell sounds of howling wolves
I'm sure I've seen Clint Eastwood in that bath
Now the poor Tokyo Disney Resort, for all it's real Italian marble, hasn't quite kept up. So they took another route and introduced a seasonal overlay for Easter this year:
If the chocolate eggs don't cause cavities, the sweetness of this room will.
Now I think this is bringing a new dimension to the rooms - guests would want to return at different times of the year to see the different overlays. Can you imagine Christmassy Pirates?

So where would you sleep? If you could have your dream themed room, what would it be?

all photos from Walt Disney Company and the Oriental Land Company

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