Thursday, 6 September 2012

Orlando Link Festival - Part 3 and our ending

I've been too busy to post - going to some really interesting events that I'll type up for you all shortly.

So I am motivated to wrap up our link festival of all the things you can do in Orlando to fill your days.

You'll remember we are working through this video .....

... which set you off before dawn kayaking or golfing. We then spent our day in the theme parks and out shopping ... and so now the sun is setting and it is time to have a squiz at all the things you can do in the evening (if you haven't collapsed with exhaustion yet)

22. Richard Petty Exotic Car Racing has been inserted here

23. Random people eating - Regular readers would know by now that Orlando has everything from the simpliest donut, the stupidest junkfood through to world class, award winning cuisine. Keep reading! More food porn to come!

24. Amway Centre - This whopping huge indoors stadium facility hosts all kinds of events. It hosts those Disney on Ice shows, pop stars shows, convention type events and is also the home for some major league sports teams including the Orlando Magic basketball team and the Orlando Predators AFL team. So if you want that typical American sports experience of cheerleaders, hot dogs, huge shouting crowds - this is the place for you! Keep your eyes on their events calendar. Oh - and yes you can land your helicopter on their roof.

25. Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe - catch up on the latest movies whilst enjoying your dinner. Yep - this is one of those complexes that is a full restaurant.

26. Random nightclub - Sorry ladies - I'm not a night club person so I have no idea about this one. Google 'nightclubs in Orlando' and a huge list comes up.

27. Ballet! You want ballet? Orlando has just as much ballet as horse-riding! And if you think Orlando is  just for red neck theme parks you need to go see the Orlando Ballet Company with its accompanying School. The school has been awarded as the best in the USA, and is world class. There is also the Central Florida Ballet Company, and the Russian Ballet of Orlando, who perform the Russian classics such as Sleeping Beauty & The Nutcracker.

28. Theatre - There is tons of theatre in Orlando and the best place to track what's on is through the Orlando Sentinel. There is a Shakespeare theatre, Repertory Theatre, a Performing Arts Centre - even the Mad Cow Theatre. Between them they cover every style for any taste.

29. Blue Man Group. In 1997, 3 chaps based in New York painted themselves blue, designed an avant garde, experimental, piece of performance art and being anonymous, quickly franchised themselves out across the world. The show is a bit hard to describe - it is loud, flashy, electronic, active, colourful and is an audience immersive experience. Universal Citywalk host the Blue Man Group Theatre - have a look at their website where there is a short video giving an example of a show where you celebrate the joy of life!

30.  Some kind of horsey show and/or circusy thing inserted here

31. Cirque de Soleil - La Nouba: Mirroring Universal's hosting of those blue chaps, Disney hosts a permanent Cirque show. Due to frequent touring, Australians would be familiar with the Cirque format - a collection of amazing "circus" type performers with live music and wacky costumes. This Cirque show is as fascinating as the others and highly recommended.

32. Fireworks - unidentified fireworks but the biggest fireworks shows are on at WDW every single night of the year. And they come with dessert!

I have finally finished this link festival! And yet this video didn't include segway tours, swimming with the manatees or even the Tupperware Museum!

I'm hoping this festival has shown there is more to Orlando than concrete and kiddies theme parks - there are options for thrill seekers, back to nature lovers, luxury indulgers and supporters of the arts.

When 2014 comes around, perhaps we can organise a bulk booking?

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