Tuesday, 28 May 2013

When Mrs. Banks met Lady Gaga

My Zonta friend Narelle sent me this yesterday.

Before you go "ha ha! someone made an olde worlde version of Lady Gaga", discover exactly what this parady is about by having a look at this ....

Mrs. Banks had more friends than just Mrs. Pankhurst! She also knew Alice Paul!

BTW: Check out the Alice Paul Institute and see all the qualifications the lady achieved. See how Alice spent her spare time when she wasn't in the slammer or the mental asylum on a hunger strike and being force fed. Alice is one gutsy dame who was part of changing the world!

Unlike Mrs. Pankhurst, Alice pursued peaceful and silent, but persistent, protest. You can check out her story if you track down this 2004 movie: Iron Jawed Angels

File:Iron Jawed Angels.jpg
I have to admit, this poster is missing all the fabulous tailoring for which Mrs. Banks was also famous

How about you, gentle reader, are you upholding and honouring the path these ladies cleared for you?

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