Saturday, 23 April 2011


I've never met a Zontian who doesn't enjoy a good meal, and probably a glass of fruity red, perhaps a margarita or two.  Oh and cheese - pretty keen on cheese. So you'll be thrilled to discover that there are over 170 eateries in Walt Disney World, and also, NONE of them are this:

I confess - this is literally right at the border. Hey, don't judge! It's the only place you'll get FREE WI-FI!!
But there's really no need for McDonalds at WDW because they already have a creepy clown scaring the kiddies.

Designed by Stephen King?
Let's go back the restaurants inside the World. There is everything from the lowliest popcorn cart through to the most amazing, award winning restaurants. So there it is - my secret is out - I really only go for the food. Days and days of non-stop dining in fabulously themed restaurants. I become the human equivalent of a combine harvester, except I'm harvesting the golden wheaty goodness of Mickey Waffles.

pass the maple syrup
During my last festival of the expanding waistline, I indulged in:

Teppanyaki at Teppan Edo, with their way cool Onion Volcano

Steamed whole Maine lobster at Narcoossees

With their fabulous Glowtini

Yum .. Duck Spring Rolls - oh and my infinitely expanding dress
And ate lobster eggs benedict with Alice and the Mad Hatter at the Grand Floridian Resort
Fresh strawberry soup
 ... and on it goes. Great humungous piles of never ending yummy food.

And guess what? Next trip - FREE DINING!

yep - all of it FREE - Every lobster, steak, dessert, salad, ice cream, bread roll, fish, vegetable and mickey waffle.

Did I tell you there are no calories in Disney food?

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  1. Hey Mrs Banks - glad to see that you are getting as serious about the food as the politics of the ZI convention. I was worred that the Easter bunny may have lost you in transit to it was a load off my mind to see that the brownie bunny arrived safely.

    Keep the trip updates coming.