Friday, 22 April 2011

Oh ... the place I'll go! (again and again)

I'm booked.
A long flight over the vast oceans, to be transported to another world, another place, where time doesn't exist.
To a world away from the world - to a place that doesn't really exist.
To have all of my senses completed immersed - different tastes, sounds, sights, sensations, emotions in new and amazing ways impossible to be experienced anywhere else.
To a place where my existential angst dissappears and the child within finally does exist.

I'm going to ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA!! 

And then I'll go again for Zonta International Convention in 2014.

Swapping this ....
... for this!
It's also a place where the food has no calories, sleep is hard to come by, and money is meaningless - cause as Disney likes to remind: 'memories are priceless'.

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