Thursday, 14 July 2011

My city of Canberra ....

I moved to Canberra from Sydney about 7 years ago.

I don't mind Canberra. But I am still waiting to be chatted up by Ian in the library.....

Today of course these 3 gals would be pursuing different careers - maybe Deputy Secretary, SAP Installation Engineer and Environmental Lawyer.

Guess what?! .. The Gowrie still exists! It is now Fenner Hall providing accommodation for ANU students.
Oh ... and for a stenographer you need grammar lessons - that's "...Jenny, Sue and I..." thank you very much. 
Those flowing blond locks, the gentle fondling of my file .....oh Ian ....
Ha ha ha ha .... and then we had a pillow fight .... Ha ha ha ha.... 
Come to Canberra .... we eat BOTH - lunch AND dinner -
but only with Fred and his muttonchop sideburns. (Ashley and Martin want Fred for scientific research)
Even back then, despite being out socialising, young women were obsessed with phones.
(BTW: Hey Gavin - yeah you in the background - adding realism to my professional photoshoot - are those socks keeping ya warm enough??)
It is true - a quick trip in a fast car on the expressway and you can ski - unfortunately I don't know how or own plaid ski pants. I do love how the chick claims to have "been to Thredbo and Perisher lots of times" but she still hasn't bothered to learn how to ski!  What's she doing? Waiting for some Apres Ski with the delicious Ian?
Hey Honey - perhaps you could stay in town with me and stuff breast care cushions - at least that would be useful!
These days you'd have to dodge expressway traffic to get to those concrete bollards for a bit of posing.
And lucky lucky Ian - daytime with purple sweater in the library, but nights are for red blouse and the Lakeside Hotel seafood buffet.
This baby was released from the vault of the National Library and it's a stunner! If only I had known all this way back when - my life and career could have been completely different!

Do you have any memories of Canberra?

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