Sunday, 3 July 2011

A whole different animal with a whole same look

In April 2008, Frontier filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy claiming that their credit card processing provider had withheld 100% of the ticket sales proceeds. In late 2009, Republic Airlines bought Frontier and have been running them since.

Republic also own Midwest Airlines and wanted to merge the two airlines. They had a tough decision to make. Midwest were pretty successful and their gimmick was the famous chocolate chip cookie they baked on board and served warm! So do they paint over our furry little friends with a plain all blue livery and keep the cookie or do they go with the little animals?

Of course, a public social media campaign broke out! Yes there were facebook pages and rallies.

Save the Midwest Cookie!

Save the Frontier Animals!

Guess which won?


Yep - they kept the furry cute animals and their adventures AND cookies were being baked all over the American skies!

So the cycle continues - mergers and takeovers and repaintings and route changes - and still Frontier remains Denver's favourite airline. Still providing my favourite airline advertisements. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. The Effie Worldwide Awards provide recognition for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and in 2010 Frontier won a Golden Effie Award for their "sustained success" over six years of consistent and effectual advertising.

I think they are still going strong. Here's their latest ad from Easter 2011, and it's among their best. enjoy

Despite how much I have enjoyed their advertising over the past few years, I have not flown Frontier. Who'd fly through Denver to get to Orlando?

This case study was put together using Frontier Airlines info drawn from Wikipedia, Frontier Airlines & Republic Airways websites and the Effie Awards Showcase Casestudy 2010. And of course You Tube - where I first found Griz, Larry, Jack and the rest of the gang.

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