Saturday, 1 October 2011

Walt Disney World 40th Birthday today!

If you have the fortitude, here is the 1 hour "Wonderful World of Disney" original broadcast of the grand opening. I enjoy it more for seeing what Florida and the fashions looked like 40 years ago. Full of Disney celebrities, 1971 dance moves and dodgy character costumes.

I swear this is the inspiration for Eleanor LaGore, and what Julie Anthony does to Zippeedeedodah is pure inspiration for what Gina Riley did to "I was only 19".

Bob Hope does a clean version of his usual schtick, and those Country Bears are still performing today!
The character orchestra was shipped out to Tokyo Disney years ago, and replaced by the fab Philharmonic 3D film.

If you can get through to 57 mins, Bob returns with a touching tribute to Walt Disney and described a bit of the philosophy behind the park.

Bob's closing line sums up what I suppose I experience when I walk through that entrance tunnel at the Magic Kingdom - a return to the child that lives in all of us.

Happy Birthing Walt Disney World

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