Sunday, 15 May 2011

Where dreams are magical ..... well ...would you believe comfy?

The Ken Man contemplates his fate at Beach Club Resort
So when we finally leave our balcony and go inside we find a pretty standard hotel room. I know, I know ... how can I go on an on about WDW, pay squillions per night and then tolerate a standard hotel room. It is unfortunately true. The rooms are not bad - they are a decent size - for one or two people. Who spend all their time in the park. And don't want a cup of tea. or a shower cap.

The Deluxe rooms are beautifully appointed and plush. They are reasonably sized, kept in excellent maintenence and cleanliness. Some themes are very adult either modern, Victorian or 1920s New England or Atlantic. They come with high thread count linen, too many pillows and cushions and quality furnishings.

Clockwise: Boardwalk Inn, Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Beach Club
As you can tell, all the rooms have the same layout

you get a double sink vanity

Two beds, two sinks - all the same
Even the toiletries are the same in every room. They are very useful for Refuge Toiletry Packs.

The elusive Disney shower cap - found only in the Concierge Level Rooms
The winning attribute of a Deluxe hotel is Location, Location, Location. These hotels are usually placed within strolling distance of a theme park, or on the monorail. You are staying right in the heart of the action.

If you're after something a bit "other worldly" and some of that "only at Disney magic" then you need something with more theming.

Like Wilderness Lodge - which takes a historic National Parks log lodge theme - and adds indoor plumbing and Egyption cotton towels. Take a look at the magnificent lobby and public spaces. The five story stone fireplace represents the stratefied layers of the Grand Canyon. And spot the lifesize fake geyser! There is a view of a studio room right at the end.

My pet name for this resort is the "while-der-ness" lodge in honour of the pronounciation used by my Disney town car driver when I stayed in 2009.

Also Squirrel Lodge Standard Rooms have these cool headboards:

Does not portray the hunting scene from Bambi
and these fantastic light fittings. They have those electronic flickering bulbs so they seem to be candles. Very pretty at night. And what about these delightful owl lamps?!

However, if your desire is to wake up, throw open the curtains and be faced by this:

then I've got a different recommendation for you.

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