Tuesday, 10 July 2012

5 ways to keep up with Zonta Convention action

I am here in Canberra, Australia.

2000 Zontians are gathered in Torino


That means there are another 28,999 Zontians somewhere out there in the world.

How do we all keep up the ZI Convention action?

Well ZI have made it very easy!

The fastest way to get information is from ZI's Facebook page

Posting as it happens!
A daily newsletter is being released - both on the Facebook page and by email, if you have registered an email address in your membership profile on the ZI website.  Of course, the ZI website has links to these sources as well.

There is the Convention website itself. The added bonus you get from visiting the Convention website is that the Convention powerpoint presentations are being loaded up for your reading pleasure.

You can already check out presentations on:
Convention is tweeting on the ZI Twitter page!

great for smart phone users!

AND ....  ZI have set up a foursquare page.

although it is pretty quiet over there:

Hear that?? sound of crickets chirping....
Finally - you COULD follow me. I have spies at Convention.

But I obviously didn't pay them enough. Cause they are too busy out partying to bother giving me any insider gossip!!

Plenty of ways to stay up to date with Convention highlights. Which method will you use?

p.s. This is my 100TH POST!! YAY!!

Who would of thought Zonta and Orlando would generate so much content! And there is WAY more to come. Sign up, subscribe by RSS, send me an email - let's stay in touch and together get ready for Convention 2014.

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