Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Marriott World Centre - bring semaphore flags

In the last few weeks a couple of short videos have been shared among the Zontians on Facebook.

The first, originally distributed by Zonta International, is the official promo video from the Marriott World Centre Resort. It is full of the usual happy, shiny people holding hands, jumping into the pool, jumping on the beds, noshing down in the food court, and basically escaping the horror that is the I Drive outside the front door.

There's rather a lot of pool and food court time in this video. What is missing is where we'll be spending the majority of our time - in their MASSIVE convention centre. So instead, have a look at this video:

Much less jumping. I feel better already.

Finally, here are the Gormans - your typical father and son duo. Mucking about with a ball. As you do. "That is why it's call the ballroom!"

I wish someone would commercialise my vacations.

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