Saturday, 11 August 2012

A sprint through Orlando - Part 1

See what I did there??

sprint - olympics - short video coming up. I am just full of imagination.

OK - on with the show. I previously told you that in the wake of Torino convention a number of Orlando videos were being shared on Facebook. Let's have a look at another one:

Did you catch all that? In less than 3 minutes there were 28 different "things to do" plus it was bulked out with shiny happy people bouncing on beds (that's compulsory in Orlando), eating out and basically happy to be there.

So let's have a link festival! For easy reading, I'll split this into 3 parts. Here are the links to the things you can do in Orlando, and most of the links have short videos.

  1. Daybreak kayaking available from both A Day Away and Central Florida Kayak Tours. There is a version where you are in a double kayak and someone else paddles! (leaving you free to photograph the wildlife). A quiet kayak, sunrise, a swamp - you will see the magic.
  2. Golfing. 24/7 knock yourself out.
  3.  Hot air ballooning. Quite a few of these available from which to choose. Must be crowded up there.
  4. Kayak fishing tours - yep in addition to those other kayak tours.
  5. let's bounce! however, the couple in the bathrobes is making wonder about day spa treatments. More than you could imagine
  6. Lake Eola Park. In downtown Orlando - a bit north of the conference site and home for some Australian Black Swans.
  7. Zip line with Florida Eco Safaris. Running their own Eco Ranch, these guys have heaps of other things that look way more interesting than Zip lining.
  8. Live your dream of being just like Snoopy chasing the Red Baron with Warbird Adventures. Except you're not a dog; and this is set in a different war; and you're not flying a doghouse; and he imagined flying - you'll actually be up in the air! So nothing like Snoopy really. Unless it's like THIS SNOOPY: which is WAY CUTE.

  9. 9. Airboat through Boggy Creek. A mere few minutes south of WDW is Kissimmee and a whole bunch of airboat tours. Get to wear headphones to block out the noise! glasses to protect your eyes from wind rush! clothing and sunscreen to protect you on an open barge in the hot Florida sun! see next to no wildlife cause the boat scares it away! A go really fast across the swamp! 
    You can filter out the bugs with your teeth.
    That's the first 40 seconds. In Part 2 we'll have your feet on solid ground

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