Friday, 24 August 2012

Orlando link festival - Part 2 - On terra firma


and it is about time I continued with my Orlando Link Festival.

You may remember in Part 1 we got about 40 seconds into this video:

and it was up in air and out on the water and getting out of bed at sparrows.

Let's keep going but now we have some more options for staying firmly on the ground (but not for long):

2013 UPDATE: On the anniversary of this post, Visit Orlando have updated this video! Below is an update list of activities - see how I care for you and keep checking if the videos I have stolen linked for you still work!

10. Horseriding! OK - so perhaps not on the ground yet. There are heaps of horsey things to do. Once again those Eco Safari chaps can take you to a cowboy ranch (think City Slickers without the slack jawed yokel jokes).

10.a  now there is a hanglider in there

11. Tiffany Glass at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art.
This museum contains the world's most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany - the son of the famous Tiffany jeweller. This chap developed a very distinct line of leaded-glass which was used in lamps, windows and a whole chapel!  You would never guess all this was there given there was only 2 seconds shown in the video!

12. Shopping! I have no idea what that building is Mall at Millenia has been inserted - but ladies hauling shop bags is a bit of a give away. There is miles of shopping - and for Australians the volume and bargains make it the world's theme park of shopping. Given the price gouging often faced in Australia on brand names, the outlet malls offer incredible bargains on top brand names. The Mall at Millenia is an enormous plush luxury centre offering the highest level retail brands down to some medium level (that is - ones I can afford) and yet it is still cheaper than Aus.

13. Sea World - part of the international Sea World chain, although Shamu has developed a taste for trainers, he has been aquitted of all charges.

14. Also run by Sea World, Discovery Cove is unique in park offerings. Discovery Cove is a water / swimming park with a twist. You pay $200 + for a day and get everything - all food/bevvies and equipment included for your coral snorkling, lazy river float AND a 30 minute "swim with the dolphins". This place is unique - have a look through the website for yourself.

15. Walt Disney World - finally! By 2014, Dumbo flying elephants will have completed their make over and you'll be seeing double; crappy princesses by the dozen, TEST TRACK BABY! - also with a make over;  Zippee dee do dah Splash Mountain is the tallest mountain in Florida!;  blink and miss half a second of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad; lose your lunch on Tower of Terror; take an african safari; have fun in the resort pool or sit by the foyer fireplace in your robe (for some reason??); get a wedgie at Blizzard Beach.

16. Islands of Adventure - the jewel in the Universal Studios crown - IoA includes Harry Potter Land - the building of which led to doubling attendance.

17. Universal Studios - the rival theme park. Requires a small amount of planning: they offer 3 hotels and Citywalk: a shopping/restaurant district. Worthy of a look - they offer good packages.

18. Wet 'n Wild water parks - another Universal owned property Wet 'n Wild is the obvious competition to Disney's water parks. If you bring kids to Orlando, highly likely you'd be interested.

19. SkyVenture - except you don't even see the sky, let alone venture into it. Skyventure is fake skydiving! With the aid of a giant wind machine you can pretend you have jumped parachute-less out of a plane - whilst only 3 feet off the ground.

20. Gaterland - the "alligator capital of the world" and "orlando's best half day attraction" WOW! there's some marketing that leaves itself open to unwanted witticisms!

21. LegoLand Florida has been inserted here

21. Kennedy Space Centre - just over an hour's drive to Cocoa Beach remember how that's where I Dream of Jeannie was set?!
KSC at Cape Canaveral is NASA's premier space launch site and open for tours.

well - I think I may have given you enough to think about and click on for now. That little video is full of more than you would of thought!