Sunday, 17 March 2013

How Feedly is the new Google Reader

Don't get mad. Get .... another reader.

Get one that wants you.

Get one that wants you soooo badly that they will do all the tedious work for you

Get Feedly.

I just want to be with someone who wants to be with me. Although I notice the Pope is reaching out ....
After the debarcle of the Google Reader post, I went looking for a suitable replacement.

The reason I chose Feedly??

They made it sooooo easy for me to swap.

The Feedly chaps had a premonition that Google would do the evil they promised never to do and they created a little tool that automatically transfers all Google Reader subscriptions over to the Feedly reader tool - in, like ... 5 seconds.

I was instantly reading all my kitten blogs!

click this Feedly blog link

All your options waiting for you
I use Firefox - so I clicked the link, the Firefox app loader ran automatically. I had a few Firefox standard warnings - I clicked "allow". Closed and restarted Firefox and Feedly was just there!

I opened it and clicked on LOGIN

Feedly offered to link to my Google account, and I said YES, PLEASE!

Feedly has grown up to be polite
and in less than 5 seconds I had a new reader home page!! How good is that?!

I had read everything - so I can't show you how it displays
The Firefox app automatically stuck itself in my favourites!

Top left hand corner - green button - sitting there politely waiting for me

So if you have developed an interest in using an RSS feed reader (and they are still AWESOME), esp. if looking to replace Google Reader, Feedly may be the solution for you.

Feedly does have apps for "smart" devices such as android and iOS - however I suspect there are more impressive tools for your tablet - like Flipboard - that take advantage of touch screen technology. However the point of this blog is to inform about Orlando not the internet.

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