Sunday, 23 February 2014

Environmentality - the sweet, refreshing smell of...

.... garbage.

In a follow up to my original Environmentality post, The Orlando Sentinel this weekend published a 'story' - about a local firm with a composting breakthrough and their work with Walt Disney World.

Apparently, they take all the food scraps and turn it into electricity and garden fertilizer! How cool is that?

There is an awful amount of broccoli in there - Did 'ohana have a slow week? (source: orlando sentinel)
Can you imagine the amount of food scraps WDW generates - the parks, the resorts and the restaurants - and all the unsold produce in the shops?

Check out this neat video from the Orlando Sentinel which demonstrates the process being used at WDW. Give it a second to load and it should play automagically.

Built and run by Harvest Power - this is fabulous. Check out their webpage for Florida which has the greatest title - I can't write it here - you have to do read it to make it work!

The Orlando Sentinel first told the story .

I will never worry about not finishing my vegetables at 50's Prime Time Cafe again.

So gentle reader - what do you do with your food scraps? 

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