Sunday, 14 July 2013

How Zonta International Convention will be hotter than Jennifer Lawrence!

Right now, here in Canberra, it's freezing.

Dead of winter.

Frosts everyday.

Polar fleece, gloves, blankies, central heating. I'm a wuss. A cold wuss.

Crap! Look at next weekend! -5 c (23F) to only 6 C (43F) And it's described as "COOL" - WTF?
Whilst this time of year in Orlando, it's a tropical heatwave!

Mr Ice Cream Man! You've come back to me!
How do you deal with the summer weather?

Here's a couple of my suggestions you could try:

Pace your Day
Get up early in the morning, go back inside at lunch time, and then come out again for dinner and the evening.  Guess what? Most people on vacation stay up late and SLEEP IN. Beat the heat and the crowds with early morning starts.

It is really hard to do 12 hours out in a theme park, at the pool or kayaking the swamps.  So get up early and do your outdoorsy stuff first up, then retreat - away from the crowds and have a nap or a swim or at least get into the air conditioning. Staying on site at WDW makes this strategy really easy - just hop on the monorail or a bus back to the hotel, when the crowds are really starting to arrive in the middle of the day.

Come out for dinner and then you'll have the evening for a theme park or wandering Downtown Disney in the cool.

The Rain is OK
June is the beginning of the wet season. It's not hurricane season, but you will have those afternoon short storms. Rain isn't going to stop any of the sights so you can keep going.

You'll rarely see an umbrella (they are too difficult to manage). The rain outfit of Orlando is the plastic poncho!  Top of the range are the Disney ponchos - I bought these for $8 in 2006 and they are still in perfect condition. You could go to your local $2 shop - or - yes - there are plenty of people who punch a few holes in those green garbage bags.

At least Mickey has a hood - beats the garbage bag every time.
The problem part about being in the rain is that your feet may get wet. Wet feet in wet shoes is a recipe for blisters. If rain is likely, carry a change of foot ware, put it in a locker when you arrive and then you change into dry shoes when needed. 

Bring your own air conditioning
There are a bunch of options in this category:

  • Disney will happily sell you a misting fan - full of icy water and batteries, this baby is will mist you and keep you cool for a whole hour or so - until the water reaches ambient temperature. Then you have to go around and beg the vendors for ice for top ups.
$15 will get you the top of the range tepid water fan cum mister
Then you'll discover that they are too big to fit in the freezer portion of your hotel room bar fridge, too big to shove in a carry bag or even carry easily - esp. when getting on and off rides; and too big to take home in your luggage.  (not bitter at all)

If you must have one of these, go to Walmart and choose a smaller, cheaper version.

  • Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads - these hi-tech fabric scarves, bandanas and cloths come in a range of shapes and colours, and are reasonably inexpensive. When wet they become super cooling and are re-usable. Better still - they fit in your luggage!

Similar to chilly pads are these odd cooling vests. I hope you can keep up the ice supply in your little bar fridge freezer!

Use the Available Resources
Take advantage of the trees, shade, ice cream vendors, air conditioned stores and restaurants as much as you can.
  • instead of walking down the middle of Main Street USA, walk through the air conditioned stores.
  • instead of catching the open air boats, ride the air conditioned monorail and buses
  • do the outdoor rides early or late and do the indoor air conditioned shows, movies and rides in the the hot times
  • book lunch indoors in an air conditioned venue
  • remember your sun screen and hats. Use rated rashies when at the pool.
  • go and have your spa or salon treatment in one of the resort hotels
  • take advantage of the giant misters in the parks
Ahhh .... cool misty goodness..... I wonder if the water is recycled?
I know everyone has their heat beating tips and hints .... and we'll be wanting to know them all next June!

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