Sunday, 15 September 2013

2014 Zonta International Convention Registrations now open!

Another milestone for the Convention organisers .... the opening of on-line convention registration.

Get ready to dive in and sign up
Registration is very easy and fast. I had pre-registered on the website months ago, and so just entering my name and email address brought back all those details - pre-populated in the online form.

Then I just worked my way through each of the questions and chose the bits I was after. For example, the Closing Banquet is a separate ticket.

Convention now offers daily registration rates. Can only drop in for the weekend? Then you can register and pay for only 2 days @ USD $150/day.

You can also order the Taste of the World dinners - or the approximation mustered by an international chain brand name hotel. I do suggest that you may want to attend one or two - as it will be a pain the rear to secure transport and go for a drive to another restaurant every single night.  AND ... you know you want to spend as much time as possible chatting with your international friends!! (geez I have the WHOLE of Facebook to meet in person!) I chose to attend Latin night.
I openly admit - the seafood stew was the draw card

I paid with a credit card and it was processed immediately. For non-USA Zontians, I recommend using a travel card style credit card to pay - or perhaps you have a card that does not charge a foreign processing fee? I used the world famous Travelex Cash Passport.

Extraordinarily easy and fast process. Go - DO IT NOW!

Hey Zontians - see how I care for you ... this post cost me $646. I hope it has been worth it.

Day tours and the cheesy dinner shows are not booked through the convention registration process. Access to this offerings are from Hello! Florida Destination Management!

Well ....Helloooooo .... do you come here often?

So Zontians, you know I'm right. and even I'm wrong I'm frequently right too - this is the action to take: book your seat for the hottest* convention tickets on offer!

*That's because it will be 35 degrees C everyday

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