Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day Tripping: Options with Zonta International 2014 Convention

We're on a bit of a theme here - Day Trips!

I have a recommended day trip, Zonta have a recommended day trip - between us we can drain your wallet and your energy and leave you feeling like the over-excited 6 yr old who's had blue food colouring.

...and then we'll go on the segways, and then the horsies, and then go bass fishing, and then lunch at Chef Mickey's, and .....
Zonta International have released the Call to Convention - with all the fun options and boring stuff you have to know. Let's look at the FUN!

I have already given you multiple insights into the delights of Winter Park - what with the shopping and the little boat tour and the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum with the Tiffany Glass.This is a MUST - even if you do not do the Zonta tour - somehow get yourself to Winter Park.  If you are reading this, then you'll want to come with me. Cause my visit to Winter Park will have an extra - The Wine Room - remember this post?

The other MUST DO on the day trip list is the Kennedy Space Centre. I am yet to do a post on KSC but it is one of the unique places in the world to visit.

oh .... dang ..... it is too late at night for me .... I am supposed to avoid saying something like ..."out of this world"  or "I need my space"  or "to infinity and beyond" - source = kennedyspacecentre facebook

Bargain shopping in Orlando is definitely worth checking out. Both destinations offered by Convention are great - among the best on offer. Strangely not mentioned, there is a Prime Outlet Mall under 10 minutes away at Vineland Ave rather than the International Drive location, which is a 30 minute drive. You have to drive past the Vineland location to get to the International Drive location. Go figure.

Red dot marks the Marriott, A = Vineland Dr and B = International Dr malls.
The airboat ride doesn't really take my fancy. I have to admit I much prefer the quiet sneakiness of the kayak tour. And coming from Australia where we have plenty of man eating salt-water crocodiles, I would much prefer to go out to the Gulf and snorkle with the manatees.

far less chompy

I have to admit I am without guidance for you with regard to the other tours on offer. The art classes, airboat ride, and chocolate apple dipping are outside of my experience.

I urge you to do some of these day trips - even if you go under your own steam (and frankly I will be for Winter Park and the shopping.)  The selection on offer is a tiny fraction of all experiences and entertainment you can partake in Orlando. So if these don't take your fancy, do not fret, there will be plenty of other activities that will.

What buying a Convention trip gives you is ease of transport, meeting new people, and making new friends.  There will be plenty of like-minded ladies around you to laugh and joke with as you hone your chocolate drizzling or chat on the bus ride.

What are your plans for day tripping? What sights would you like to see?

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