Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Eating around the world

Only 6 weeks to go and I will be eating my way the world - around World Showcase that is - at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2011!!

They were up late working on that logo
behold - the glorious wonders of cookery!
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA jealous now? No?

I'd better show you what else is cooking and get your taste buds drooling worse than Muffy when we tickle his soft warm furry belly.

So the Festival runs for 45 days and includes a myriad of events and tastes and sounds. There are Signature Dinners with fancy chefs from around the world, wine seminars, cooking demonstrations, shopping (of course) and bucket loads of food to try.

I am going to four events (as well as all the other eating I am doing). So we have 6 weeks to prepare! 

One of the seminars I am attending is Shake, Taste and Indulge - with Grand Marnier. About 2 hours long, we apparently get a glass of Moet and Chandon Champagne (don't ask - I don't know), taste 3 different vintages of Grand Marnier, make our own Grand Marnier cocktail, and are served Crepes Suzette and Grand Marnier Souffle all whilst being lectured by the Grand Marnier people, if we are not lurching drunkenly around the room groping the old ladies.

I will post my photos here first! (just for you - an exclusive for my readers!). Meanwhile:

Shamelessly stolen from the DisBoards - a place setting on arrival. Embiggen to read the varietal tastes printed on the placemat
World Showcase will be the host to some 30 little booths representing different nations serving tapas portions of "national" tastes. Some of the offerings don't really test the imagination: dumplings from China, baklava from Turkey, Guiness from Ireland.

It is the Aussie booth travesty which I will preview first.

WDW have prepared this lovely little Aussie stand:

Sydney historical terrace combined with Andy Warhol style indigenous art? Have to say that WDW Imagineers give it a good try

See  - I can do it too! (btw: random indigenous artwork image from google - unattributed)

We're all Aussie's (or honorary Aussies) here - what would you consider to be representative of our cuisine and what beverage would you serve? Think main course, dessert and an alcoholic bevvie.

Post your ideas in the comments - which are supposed to be working now! If there are any readers and commenters out there I'll eventually reveal the actual 2011 menu.


  1. Lamb or seafood, Pav or a slice made with some sort of crushed biscuit and condensed milk or cereal.... Maybe an Extra Dry, Pure Blonde or XXXX Gold or some Passion Pop :P

    Maybe thats a good idea for the bogan stand....

  2. Ha! A Bogan Stand! Florida can get hot for flannies and ugg(h)s though