Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mrs. Banks has a Birthday!

Yes - Hurrah for Mrs. Banks! She has made it to her 1st birthday!

          Happy Birthday Mrs. Banks!!    (Cake by Walt Disney World bakery for Tiggerifficheidi from DISboards)

I am still writing this thing and still getting hits from all over Poland.

My hits map - it's USA vs Australia in the Mrs. Banks showdown
It's USA going head to head with Australia for all time hits - with thousands of hits each, Australia trails by only 400. Then there is a huge drop off to the UK, Russia (which is all spam pinging me), France, New Zealand, Canada and the fantastic Fort Fiends at Fort Wilderness

So my most popular post? The one that really drives traffic:

That top one that outstrips all others???
Hurrah! It is this post called: Princess Wars!

Where I rant about Disney describing Minnie Mouse by her physical attributes  
To be fair - a lot of hits on this post are from India - people after the photo of all the girl in their winter princessey gowns. Oh well. And in my top ten search terms, variations of disney princess take up 5 out of ten slots.

So let that be a lesson to you!! Wanna drive traffic to your site? Don't use the word Zonta. From now on every post is gonna have some princessey thing in it. If only I could find a way to include kittens with the princesses - OH traffic would go NUTS!

Subtle and yet attractive to the right crowd.
Oh - and you thought I was joking about the Fort Fiends tracking the blog. Well guess what? That Fort Wilderness post is No. 5 on that graph!

My number one traffic source is a race between the DISboards - and this thread is No. 1 and Google - which really could just be me - hitting myself to drum up traffic.

My purpose with this blog is twofold:

  1. To expose more people to world of Zonta International and advancing the status of women; and
  2. To expose more Zontians to the joys of Orlando, FL and entice them to attend ZI Conference in 2014.
I really do hope that somehow, somewhere I am working towards that goal, and I thank all my Zonta and Disney friends who smile politely and occassionally comment, which eggs me on!

I also need to thank The Ken Man you keeps me supplied with endless cups of the most perfect tea.

Into which he dissolves my happy drugs

In closing, I think it appropriate that I link back to the very post that started all of this rambling. To harken back to another place - outside of worldly time and responsibilities. Like stepping through the looking glass into a completely immersive world where we can all sing like the birdies sing, and there is a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of everyday.

It's probably time for me to reveal ....


Snow, parades, decorations, lighting, candy - it is the most OTT Christmas ever. (Photo:
(click on the link - go on - and work your way through the Christmas Book to the Piratey Christmas who sing about a Pirately Christmas on Christmas Island. I told you WDW is divorced from reality)

Happy Birthday Mrs. Banks - here's to more Orlando goodies to come  - and starting to plan for 2014 in earnest!

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