Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pamela, that ship is still sailing

Something had to happen to re-launch this ship - and what a timely, coincidental little press release to lull me back onto the blog.

Let me open with a quiz question: would you go and see a film whereby this guy......

.... plays a 1950's business man atttempting to do a movie deal with a chick played by this chick ....

 .... who is a cranky, grumpy ex-Australian author who for 15 years refuses to do the deal?

Then of course the deal is finally done and they all live happily ever after she gets really pissed off and accuses the business man of ruining her book.

Won you over? What a plot?! What tension?! What resolution?!

Disney have announced that Forrest Gump and Nanny McPhee will be playing Walt Disney and P.L. Travers in the upcoming movie: Saving Mr Banks. I wonder if it will be anything like Saving Private Ryan?

uncannily similar?
They were inspired by my blog post from last year.


  1. And you do know that P.L. Travers lived in Ashfield (Sydney for the overseas readers, the next suburb to me? And that there is a statue of Mary Poppins in Ashfield park near the children's playground? Does the movie mean that Ashfield will be famous?

  2. Wow Mary Jane! When was she in Ashfield? As an adult? I have a sense that Hollywood will somehow skip the Australian link. It would be great if they did!