Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy Birthday!

More Disney Birthdays - this time blow out the candles for our favourite character - Mickey Mouse!

Bet you can whistle the tune - Steamboat Bill - too!
Mickey celebrated 83 on November 18, so enjoy some historic photos of the little mouse from whom a giant multi-national conglomerate was born.

Walt voiced Mickey until 1947

early Mickey from the Disney Family Museum

Permanent Happy Birthday Mickey land at Disneyland - well - until they tore it down.
Earforce One over Disneyland (yes it's really called that)
Who are these strange bobble-headed creatures from another world?
Rather nasty brain injury there, Donald. The Chaps - before Disney got all aware about possibly offending veterans and war historians

Mickey never sold out to crass commercialism. He was part of it from the very start.
"hello?? 1984?? can you please send me a better costume and a more plush hotel room?" (taken at the Contemporary Resort on it's opening in October 1971)
83 years and still shaking that money maker.

All of these images belong to WDW & Disney Family

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