Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mrs Banks HATES blogging on the tab

Arrgghh..... the tab is so tedious for blogging. It is slow, it crashes, it freezes, it just straight up ignores commands. It is not variable voltage so I am having trouble keeping up the juice supply. It takes 24 hours to charge.

Trip reports are not going to be as frequent as I envisaged.


  1. What piece of technology were you using that couldn't cope with 110?

  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Great size and weight for travelling! LOTS of cool features - apps - pretty amazing for how slim and small it is. But once I wanted to blog - it seemed to get confused by too many functions. Blogger has an app version which I was supposed to have used on the Tab but it doesn't have the full funcitonality of the web version - which I like.
    thanks for asking - and there is my mini review! Still - gotta love a tab as a reader, movie watching (got on US planes and the americans all whip them out and watch downloaded TV shows) and having easy fast internet service anywhere.