Sunday, 27 November 2011


In my childhood I rarely had dress ups and I don't really remember attending any costume parties. As Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween, we've not had the annual "dress-up" tradition.

Feel sad for me. I missed out on this. (Photo source: Kaboose crafts - where this costume's difficulty rating is "very easy" - Oh really?)
So it took it me quite a while to come to realisation that going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party was a dress-up event. Suddenly two weeks out the penny dropped.

Fortunately, Zontians are a talented lot and a small amount of begging secured me a clever woman who was the proud owner of a sewing machine. Penny dropped everything and the night before I flew out there was a knock on my front door and there was her lovely husband holding one completed halloween costume.

So how did I spend the night?

Check after the jump - and see all the other costumes too!

As Mickey's Sorcerer's Apprentice!
Let's have a look at some of the costumes for the night:

I found this couple in the entrance queue: Maleficent in both female and dragon form

I really like the little purple bats on the costumes of the cast members

These kids were drawing an extraordinary amount of attention. It is rare to see such high quality outfits. Love the girlie version of the Mad Hatter.

The ugliest Fairy Godmother ever:

Dude looks like a lady
To be fair, this chap was the happiest person I saw all night. He had a bunch of kids with him and was having more fun than them. I spotted him several times and heaps of other kids would go up and talk to him and he had a ball. Even if he had been hit with the ugly stick.

A whole bunch of Japanese Minnies

This couple were most the delightful I saw all night
Is Mickey and Minnie as Kermit and Miss Piggy or vice versa?
Meeting the Dwarves was the first thing I did. I got in the queue at about 6:30pm. Disney precision they came out on the spot at 7pm and the photos began. They were pretty quick because one didn't get to actually meet the Dwarves. They sat on their little stools and people stood in between them. The Disney Photographers whipped off half a dozen shots and that was it. Of course they don't talk and it is a bit hard to try to interact with all of them. There was lots of half-hearted waving.  But they are considered one of the rare wins for the party.

They own a diamond mine but Snow White still doesn't have any jewellery

Lazy sods
So just after those japanese girls finished with Donald and Daisy, it was my turn. I promptly showed up and taunted Donald that I had Mickey's Sorcerer's hat and he couldn't have it. (Donald and the hat is the subject of a very fantastic 3D film shown at Magic Kingdom called Philharmagic)

"You want this hat? Get on your knees and bark like a dog!"
but we quickly reconciled

How do you kiss something that doesn't have lips?
After Donald I went around to check out the other photo opportunities, and they had Cinderella's carriage photo going:
Although it was kinda boring . You'd thnk that they could stick a deathly princess in the pictire - sheesh
So I decided to have my picture taken with this carriage instead:

Much more satisfying for a halloween carriage experience
And finally as I made my way out of the Park I thought, 'how could I leave without showing my costume to Mickey?'  I was so glad I went into Town Hall. I was the last person in a small group and when Mickey saw me he went nuts - in a silent, Mickey mime kind of way. I must of stayed with them for about 20 minutes and the Disney Photographer took over 70 photos.

Whilst that's a WINNER in my book, I appreciate that 70+ photos make for a long post. Here's a few to give you a taste of my moment of pixie dust.

Mickey's overacted joy at seeing my outfit
When I told him that i had kept the hat safe from Donald's grasping hands .... ummm .. wings ... ummm...whatever Donald has.
Teaching me Sorcerer Mickey moves
still learning

 ummm - I perhaps don't have the style and panache of Mickey
More traditional posing commences
Mickey then decides he wants to autograph my glove
Then Minnie wanted to sign something (I had managed to keep her out until this point - I mean what does she do?? At least Barbie trys out numerous careers. Mickey decides to sign the hat.

Just be thankful I didn't reveal I was wearing Mickey Mouse underpants.

Saying thank you
Almost over
The photos stop but Mickey then takes me to show me his wardrobe (which is in the room, behind the photographer) and his Sorcerors outfit and hat. Then through lots more mime he tells me to wear my costume and go to Disney Hollywood Studios and have my picture taken with him there, cause he wears the outfit over at that park. We don't have photos cause the photographer was acting as interpreter. (Sorry chaps - I just didn't get organised enough to make it happen)

I was very impressed that Mickey took the effort to get my name to sign on the hat.

no returnimg these for a refund
I had a wonderful time at the halloween party, and with halloween's lack of family focus, unlike Christmas, it leaves one free to ones devices which is fan-freakin-tastic if you knew my family.

I did learn that it is hard to eat with giant mickey gloves on.


  1. How awesome!!!!! That is one great costume. We somewhat regretted not dressing up when we went. and I too marveled at the amazing costumes that many were wearing.

  2. Wow, when I grow up I want to go to that Halloween Party. I trick or treated until I was about 14 (last time in San Francisco). Now I'm 64 (cue Beatles song?).

    What an exciting time you had.