Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Even my dreams are controlled by Disney

When one goes to WDW one could spend very little time in the resort - for some people a hotel room is a hotel room. But Disney, in their efforts to create a strong desire for you to stay on property, go to great lengths to differentiate their hotel rooms from the squillions of other hotels hovering on their borders.

...but in none of the ways for which the Casurina Inn is infamous
There are many reasons why to choose a Disney resort over those squillions in Orlando. Disney provide perks for onsite guests such as free transportation, extra hours in the parks and free car parking.

Many people stay in Disney properties to have the "immersion experience" of being fully "in the magic" for the entire holiday.

Recently Disney has taken this differentiation to greater lengths. So for a couple of posts we can, together, explore the wonderfulness that is a Disney hotel room.

This differentiation starts in a cute way with "Hidden Mickeys" everywhere: in the upholstery, carpet, wallpaper, shower curtains, light fittings, furniture, artwork, toiletries:

Can you find all the hidden mickeys?

Now just to add to the confusion: Disney run 25,000+ rooms across 19 different resorts - and each resort is themed differently, and so each has different themed hidden mickeys in the rooms. They've kinda maxed out on this stuff!

And you also can get fabulous views

Instead of this ....

Pictures of Radisson Hotel Orlando-Lake Buena Vista, Orlando
Can you find all the hidden dead mickeys? Hint: look under the wheels of the racing traffic

.... you can get this - the view from the Contemporary Resort:

embiggen to get the full glory of what an extra $100/night gets you

Star Wars fans get this view
In fact, pay enough money and you can get this view:

join me next time as we take a look INSIDE the WDW rooms

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