Saturday, 21 May 2011

Go, Little Aussie Battler!!

We all know the AUD is at an all time high.
courtesy: Ozforex
Aussie holiday travellers have been as excited as a bunch of Disney Fans at the re-launch of Captain EO.

At this unprecendented time it is easy to get emotional and caught up in the action - then make decisions out of time.
The little Aussie battler pointing out my failings

So what do you do when our trip to Orlando isn't until 2014 and you want to take advantage NOW of the best exchange rate in 30 years?

Sure you can go the time honoured way and stash some USD cash in your big impenetrable safe
Nice to see kiddies toys remembering "time honoured" burglary. Ummm .... what's the compressed air for?
Time has moved on - for travel cash, kids toys and even for criminals
"Drop it punk! Your bottles are more than 100mls"
But some modernity is actually useful .. and it comes in the form of Travel Cards.
The two big players are ANZ and Travelex. They charge practically the same (1% of loaded amount), offer the same currencies, they work in the same way and their exchange rates are among the best you can get. Open an account on line, EFT your AUD to buy your USD and lock in your exchange rate now. The big advantage of these cards over cash or travellers cheques is that you can use them like a credit card and pay bills online or as a debit card in an ATM.

Your account can be topped up online via EFT from your bank account at any time from the comfort from your home.

So we're not going to Convention until 2014 but you can take advantage of our little Aussie Battler right now.

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