Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A whole different animal

Disney has always had a love affair with animals. The company was started with an anthropomorphic rabbit mouse. (that's another post! you'll have to beg). Walt always wanted to have that credibility touch by being partially educational so when he started his Wonderful World of Disney TV show it wasn't long before he was showing african animal documentaries and walking around with a tiger on his arm as if he was the great white environmentalist

In 1982 the CBS TV show The Fifth Estate alledged that Disney faked the "true life" nature scenes and it was revealed that a Disney nature show was the origin of the myth that lemmings commit suicide by jumping off cliffs.
They don't show the leg of lamb being used to cajole the tiger into being Walt's 2nd best friend.
Despite Uncle Walt's best efforts many Americans still have difficulties with animal identification.

Not. a. lion.
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So Disney have tapped into the audience who predominately have a tendancy toward imagination that runs free and is unencombered with excessive education and give them their own version of the animal kingdom.

You seen all those films - Bambi, Jungle Book, Nemo, Lion King - the list is long. But Disney being Disney wanted you to have that 'immersive experience'. To achieve that they created this.

Animal Kingdom Lodge!
Look at that thatched roof!
Your own african wildlife safari lodge in Florida! Boasting handcrafted bedheads and live giraffes off your balcony, AKL is another example of the extreme detailed themeing to which Disney have become attached. 

Now there is a dearth of good video covering this place - it's all "here's my family's crap lying randomly around the room", or violent shaking or narration with the personality of a housebrick. Maybe there is too much to look at?! It's obviously too hard. So unfortunately you have to put up with photos from AllEars. Go! Look! Enjoy!
A teasing glimpse of the ceiling with the thatch and "masai shields" chandeliers

Begin with the amazing lobby with its Masai shield chandeliers, the fire pits, the multitude of views across the savanna and of course look at the rooms. Jambo!

Oh .... and our post title - well - that's a whole different post .....

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