Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kill Refurb Marry .... Live Performances

Mrs. Banks is experiencing THAT time of the month again.

Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop

 It's time address the challenge laid out for us by This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind!

As I have promised you before - this monthly challenge is the only way you will get your park content - unless you read one of the other 546 blogs which covers the parks.

But you don't!!

You read ONLY Mrs. Banks!!


see how I spared you the versions with giant bosoms - you're welcome

Movie based musical/theatre acts.  Most of them. The Little Mermaid - gone. Beauty and the Beast - time to vacate the theatre. Finding Nemo puppe....fjgdsklaffff OH OH I am sorry - I just drifted off there for a moment thinking about the Finding Nresffffdklj - OOPS - did I snore??

I saw this show during my first visit to WDW in 1993 - and it is still going.
Then there is the Indiana Jones Stunt show (also viewed during my 1993 visit) and the Lights Motors Action car stunt show - KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL.

These things are REALLY lame and/or really OLD. That time trick of "oh no - there's a problem!" is deployed but suddenly "time's up! all resolved! everyone sing "under the big blue ocean" again and all be happy. clap clap clap. Some dangerous people in world history were revisionists too, you know Disney. just saying ....

Disney have been pumping out new movies for years - especially since they 'integrated' Pixar. PLEASE can we have new theatre shows?

Whilst I am here, have I spoken to you about the Castle Show? that's pretty bad - 'believe in the power of dreams and all your wishes will come true!' Just setting up the kiddies with poor expectations for real life. Oh Phooey!

Oh how much can a koala bear?


Because I basically ignore almost all live entertainment in the parks - I suppose what could be refurbished is some of the parades. Fortunately, over the past 3 years WDW has been doing just that. We can all thank the power of the universe and Tom Staggs for putting the 5,4,3,2,1, Pixar Fun parade to eternal sleep. And Disney are on the verge of releasing their brand spanking new day parade - Festival of Fantasy

Keep it up Disney - you can bring all the parades in each of the parks up to speed.


These chaps from Hollywood Studios Park:

Stone Granite and Bo Wrangler from the Citizens of Hollywood

I've seen these guys three times now - I really love how they interact with the kids. The way they deliver their jokes, their lines from the '99' series and their general all round banter and characters. All of these Citizens are great and really add to atmosphere of the park - I can listen to them all day.

Now go and read the other links that will slowly populate below over the next day and check out all the entertainment you can enjoy at the Parks.


  1. We need to make a point to actually stop and try to interact with the Citizens of Hollywood. They really are great entertainers.

    1. heidi - I agree! I am so impressed at how quick witted they are when dealing with the guests

  2. Oh, I'm all on board for killing the Castle shows. They ruin the ability to walk through the castle half of the day! I wanna see my Cinderella murals.

    1. Ha Leah - i hadn't thought of that angle - yeah it was enjoyable to be able to walk through the castle ...i remember that!

  3. LOL you went brutal with your kill pen! Jeez! (Although I do hate that castle show ...)

    1. you know, I pay thousands and fly 27 hours to enjoy a WDW vacation. Mostly when I am there I get world class entertainment and dining - but the Castle Show with the wimpy Dreams come True theme is frankly appalling on all fronts - script, music, choreography, plot. the Cast members must be thankful they wear costumes and can't be identified in public.

    2. BTW: Melissa Sue - thank you for organising us all again - i so enjoy bumping off something and honouring my favourite every month!

  4. You are vicious with your killing! I don't think things should go just because they've been around for awhile, but when they've actually become dated and not popular, then there are so many options Disney could do instead.